Power Grid Model


power-grid-model is a library for steady-state distribution power system analysis distributed for Python and C. The core of the library is written in C++. Currently, it supports the following calculations:

  • Symmetric and asymmetric power flow calculation with Newton-Raphson method, iterative current method and linear method

  • Symmetric and asymmetric state estimation with iterative linear method

For various conversions to the power-grid-model, refer to the power-grid-model-io repository.

Install from PyPI

You can directly install the package from PyPI.

pip install power-grid-model

Install from Conda

If you are using conda, you can directly install the package from conda-forge channel.

conda install -c conda-forge power-grid-model

Build and install from Source

To install the library from source, refer to the Build Guide.


Detailed contents of the documentation are structured as follows.